Two things motorcyclists need to stay safe on two wheels

Whether you bike daily as a means of transportation or enjoy going on long cross-country rides, biking can be a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the outdoors.

While many are attracted to riding for the freedom it offers, motorcyclists know that there is a certain discipline required by the activity.

Motorcycle accidents can cause injuries and death in Florida

Florida residents enjoy riding motorcycles in this state. It is important for drivers of conventional vehicles and large trucks to keep a close eye on motorcyclists to avoid a crash. Since riders are so vulnerable, any accident can lead to catastrophic injuries.

One of the biggest dangers to riders is when a driver of a passenger vehicle is operating under the influence. When there are DUI motorcycle accidents, those who have been hurt or lost a loved one must remember that they have the right to be compensated with a legal filing.

Auto accidents involving teens a summer concern in Florida

There are many dangers on the Florida roads, but one of the most worrisome is teen drivers who are lacking the experience and judgment to avoid auto accidents. This concern is exacerbated in the summer as more teens will be on the road.

Law enforcement and researchers are keenly aware of the combination of factors that make teen drivers one of the riskiest groups on the road. Despite their best efforts, however, crashes are sometimes unavoidable and those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident must be aware of how to move forward with a legal filing to be compensated.

Truck accidents can happen from unsecured lifts

When Floridians think of truck accidents, they will automatically imagine a collision between a large 18-wheel semi-truck and a passenger vehicle with all the negative connotations that go with such a crash. This is a natural reaction as many truck crashes happen in this way. However, there are other ways in which people can suffer injuries because of a truck.

If, for example, a load is not secured properly or a part of the truck that should have been locked was not, unsuspecting passersby in vehicles, on bicycles or pedestrians can suffer serious injuries and death. When this happens, it can be the basis for a lawsuit to be compensated.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries

In Tampa and across Florida, pedestrians are always in danger of being in auto accidents.

This has become more common as an increasing number of drivers are distracted by their cellphones when they are behind the wheel. While this is a major risk, other behaviors such as recklessness and driving under the influence have placed people in jeopardy for many years.

Avoidable motorcycle accidents continue

There are reports that motorcycle accidents are on the rise. Sadly, this probably is not surprising to anyone. Many drivers either are inattentive to the presence of motorcycles on the road, or they fail to yield the right of way to riders.

The failure to yield is particularly noteworthy concerning left-hand turns. This leads to many fatal crashes. And following such an accident, drivers of vehicles often explain that they did not see a motorcycle approaching.

Study shows distracted driving increased in 2018

Awareness for distracted driving has been ongoing for decades now. Before text messaging became so prevalent, distracted driving awareness centered on not talking on your phone while driving. The proliferation of wearable and built-in Bluetooth devices have greatly reduced the need to hold a cell phone and talk while driving.

After all this time and new technologies aimed at curbing distracted driving, drivers must be more focused on the road than ever, right? That is not the case.

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