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Compensation For Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Whether you enjoy riding your motorcycle to work on Tampa’s city streets, enjoying a longer journey on Florida highways 580, 589 or 597, or hopping on Interstate 27 to begin a trip, safety is likely foremost in your mind. That is smart — motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when involved in a motor vehicle crash with a car or truck. Even if you wear a helmet and protective clothing, you are at far higher risk of sustaining a serious or catastrophic injury. And Florida regularly tops annual lists of states with the highest number of motorcycle crashes.

If you have sustained a motorcycle accident injury, you will need legal help from attorneys experienced with this specific type of collision. Motorcyclists can be injured by car or truck drivers engaging in reckless driving, or texting and using the phone, causing a distracted driving accident. Paul Kimsey associated with the Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., handle injury accidents involving motorcycles regularly. We can help you obtain the compensation to put the pieces of your life back together.

Florida Insurance Laws And How They Impact Motorcycle Compensation And Claims

Florida requires all motor vehicles to carry personal injury protection, or PIP, on their insurance policies. However, the state specifically excludes motorcyclists from PIP, so motorcycle owners must purchase separate medical insurance policies to satisfy the state’s requirements. Drivers aged 21 or over are not required to wear a helmet if they have $10,000 in medical insurance coverage, although your choice of not to wear a helmet could reduce your settlement or award if it is used to place part of the blame on you for your injuries from the accident.

Another significant insurance-related stipulation is that injured motorcyclists in Florida cannot ask for damages from a car or truck driver’s PIP insurance. That means filing a personal injury lawsuit may be the only path to recovering compensation to pay your medical bills or replace loss of work income. You may also be able to receive funding through litigation for pain and suffering or other types of noneconomic losses.

Tough, Seasoned Representation For Injury Victims

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