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Accessing Medical Professional Disability Benefits

Despite the high occupational profile of doctors and other medical professionals, relatively few people appreciate the physical toll that health-related caregiving inflicts on its practitioners. Many of these professionals have purchased private individual disability insurance policies to protect themselves. It can feel devastating to have invested money in those policies only to have a claim rejected by the insurer when you need their help.

If you purchased medical professional disability insurance in Florida and your claim was rejected, then our attorney at the Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., can fight for the full amount you are entitled to from your policy. He handles many types of disability insurance lawsuits and understands the tactics that insurers may use against health care providers.

Health Professional Disability Denials: The Catch-22 Of Success

Even when doctors have faithfully paid their premiums, insurance companies often punish them and other health professionals if they have run a successful practice. What often happens is this:

  • If the doctor purchased an older policy, it may indicate that they will only qualify for 100% benefits if they are unable to perform all the duties of their position.
  • Even if a medical professional should qualify for full benefits, the insurer may use this policy language to only pay partial benefits.
  • Another scenario happens when a doctor is the owner of their medical practice. In that case, if they cannot practice medicine anymore, then the insurer may attempt to say that their income from the practice prevents them from receiving a full benefit payment.

Health professionals are a specialized group within the disability insurance world, and each case requires careful examination of your situation in addition to documentation from the physicians overseeing your care. Our lawyer will evaluate the viability of your claim, discuss your vocational situation and help you find a resolution to your case that will provide you with the income you need.

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