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Changes in auto safety technology

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2024 | Auto Accidents

Auto safety technology has developed and evolved over the years, along with other design elements on modern cars. There has been a significant shift in focus as manufacturers try to make the roads safer.

To see this shift in focus, you must first consider older types of safety technology. The seatbelt was one of the first safety devices invented, followed later by the airbag. Both of these devices are designed to keep people safe. When people get into car accidents, seatbelts and airbags can reduce the odds of severe injuries and fatalities.

Preventing accidents

The big change is that modern technology focuses more on preventing accidents, not reducing the severity of injuries.

For instance, consider a lane departure warning system. This assists the driver to help them stay in their lane, giving them an indicator if they drift across the centerline or onto the shoulder. The goal of this type of system is to keep people from crashing, especially as distracted driving becomes more and more common.

Another example is an automatic braking system. A distracted driver may not notice the vehicles ahead of them are slowing down or have come to a stop. But the car can sense these changes in traffic, and some vehicles can automatically apply the brakes on their own. Even if the driver is distracted, impaired or just inexperienced, the vehicle makes them a safer driver than they would be otherwise.

Unfortunately, accident rates show that technology will never be able to make the roads perfectly safe. Those who have been injured due to the negligence of other drivers must know how to seek compensation.


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