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Experienced Life Insurance Attorney Providing Support For Families

When someone takes out a life insurance policy, they expect that policy to support their loved ones after they pass away. At the Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., our lawyer knows that life insurance benefits can make it possible for families to recover after the loss of a loved one.

He also understands that many insurance companies do not fulfill their promises to the surviving loved ones of policyholders. Our life insurance attorney is dedicated to fighting for families in these difficult situations. From our office in Tampa, he provides Florida residents with support as they seek fair treatment and full compensation.

About Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance that offers benefits to a person’s selected beneficiaries after they pass away. Term life insurance provides coverage during a specific period of time, while whole life insurance offers protection throughout a person’s lifetime. These policies provide financial support as families mourn the loss of a loved one and can provide peace of mind while the policyholder lives.

Why Might An Insurance Company Deny A Claim?

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where a person’s loved ones will not receive benefits after they pass, even with a life insurance policy in place. Insurance providers may deny a claim for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The policy does not cover the specific type of death.
  • The policyholder did not list a beneficiary.
  • The life insurance policy had lapsed due to the lack of payment.
  • The policyholder did not disclose important information, such as medical conditions, behaviors like tobacco use, past traffic violations, work in a dangerous occupation or other details.
  • The policyholder died shortly after taking out the life insurance policy, during the “contestability period.”

While insurance companies often have valid reasons for denying claims, sometimes, they unfairly delay or deny a claim. Beneficiaries can dispute this denial through the appeals process to fight for the benefits they deserve.

The Benefits Of Legal Guidance During The Appeals Process

A denied life insurance claim can add a financial struggle and the stress of navigating the appeals process to an already difficult time. Thankfully, our experienced attorney knows this system and can decrease the stress of a dispute.

His experience can also give your appeal a greater chance of success. Thanks to his familiarity with insurance law, our skilled lawyer can identify missing information or miscommunication and help you provide evidence to support your claim. In addition, not only can he evaluate the reason for your denial and closely examine the terms of your policy, but he can also fight for your interests at the negotiating table or in court, if necessary.

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