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The dangers of eating and driving

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Auto Accidents

Driving while eating or drinking is considered normal in today’s busy world. However, as much as it seems harmless, it’s dangerous. A driver who eats or drinks can cause an accident.

Here is how this can happen:

Searching for food under the seats 

If a driver drops food, such as a grape or French fry, they may want to pick it up to avoid wasting food or staining the car in the case of food dipped in sauce. When they do this, they will take their eyes and attention off the road, which can lead to swerving. 

Driving with one hand

Driving with one hand is dangerous, as a driver may be unable to safely react to situations that require quick responses. If a driver is holding coffee or eating with one hand, they will be forced to drive with one, which makes them highly likely to make a mistake. This can even be worse when a driver eats foods that require multiple hands to consume, such as a hamburger.

Driving with sticky hands

Foods that melt like chocolate can make a driver’s hand sticky. It can be difficult to comfortably hold the steering wheel with sticky hands. The driver may be unable to respond quickly in unexpected situations. This may also be the case if a driver eats greasy food behind the wheel.

Splashing a hot drink on themselves 

A driver drinking hot coffee or tea may accidentally spill it on themselves, for example, if they miss the cup holder. If this happens, their attention can be taken away from driving – they may focus on not getting burned or staining their clothes and car. This distraction can cause an accident.

If a distracted driver injures you, learn more about your case to know the best way forward to receive the compensation you deserve.    



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