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We Handle Complex Truck Accident Injury Claims

Large trucks such as 18-wheelers or other commercial vehicles cause far more damage in a collision than a motor vehicle accident between two cars of similar size. Not only does a commercial truck accident typically involve a much larger vehicle colliding with a smaller one, but the driver and their employer could also both be guilty of negligence that led to the wreck.

Our lawyer at the Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., has experience defending insurance companies and understands the nuances of truck accident injuries. He is committed to preserving valuable evidence that will bolster your claim, and he will work to ensure that you receive appropriate medical care by fighting for the compensation you need to overcome your injuries.

Factors In Play In A Truck Accident Injury Case

Each motor vehicle collision is unique, and nowhere is this more true than in a truck wreck. Here are a few of the factors that could impact your injury claim:

  • Statistically, professional truck drivers are found at fault in relatively few crashes, so the defense may focus more intensely on your driving behavior or history.
  • Bad weather at the time of the accident can increase stopping distances for trucks or interfere with the drivers’ abilities to change lanes.
  • The driver of the truck may have been attempting to meet unrealistic (or even unlawful) mileage or delivery goals set by their employer.
  • The driver may have been driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or even excessive amounts of over-the-counter medication.
  • The trucker may have been distracted by phone calls or text messages.
  • Malfunctioning equipment on the truck – caused by poor maintenance – may have played a role in the wreck.

With so many factors to keep track of, you may receive a lowball offer on an insurance settlement or even find the other side’s lawyers insisting that your behavior caused the collision. Our attorney is prepared to fight for you and demonstrate why your claim is valid and reasonable.

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