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As a personal injury and disability law firm, we take pride in the work we do for our clients. Our firm’s commitment to our clients is to achieve the best possible recovery for every client. At Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., our clients pay us no fees unless we recover for them.

Case results can be a good measure of a lawyer’s skill, ability and experience. Below is a sampling of just some of the thousands of settlements and verdicts we have won on our clients’ behalf.

Trucking Accident — Serious Injuries

A driver was hit head-on by a truck that jackknifed on a two-lane highway, causing our client to fracture both ankles requiring surgery. Although liability was clear, the truck driver and his employer’s insurance company denied responsibility and fought damages. After extensive litigation, we secured a settlement of over two million dollars for our client on the day before the trial was scheduled to begin.

Motor Vehicle Accident
Serious Injuries

A Pasco County driver was hit by a careless driver who ran off the road to the right and then overcorrected to the left, causing a head-on collision on a two-lane road. Our client sustained serious injuries, including several surgeries. After a lengthy litigation, we recovered over 1.7 million dollars for him and his family.

Trucking Accident
Wrongful Death

Our client was killed by a distracted driver of an 18-wheeler truck. The trucking company’s insurance carrier disputed insurance coverage. The case involved court action in both state and federal court at the same time, including complex insurance coverage litigation. Our firm secured a seven-figure recovery for the estate.

Car Accident

An Orlando driver was rear-ended by a careless driver while driving a company vehicle. Although liability was clear, the other driver and his employer’s insurance carrier denied responsibility. We filed suit and litigated the case extensively. Ultimately, we were able to settle the case for over a half-million dollars in order to ensure that our client received the full value for his injuries, as well as a substantial amount of money for future medical care, and pain and suffering.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client’s car was struck in the rear by a negligent driver on I-275, sustaining injuries. We recovered over a half-million dollars on his behalf.

Long-Term Disability — ERISA Settlement

ERISA disability insurance company denied our client’s claim for benefits. We at Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., handled the ERISA appeal, and was able to negotiate and secure a very favorable lump-sum settlement for the client.

Pharmacy Negligence — Jury Trial

A pharmacy dispensed the wrong medication to our client resulting in temporary illness, including hospitalization. The pharmacy tried to deny responsibility. The case was heavily litigated and went to trial. It resulted in the jury returning a verdict of over $390,000 in favor of our client.

Long-Term Disability Insurance
ERISA Trial And Appeal

An executive was unable to continue working due to a condition that causes severe hip pain. When he applied for long-term disability benefits through his employer’s disability insurance carrier, the insurance company denied the claim. We filed suit and proceeded to trial. After winning the trial in federal court, the carrier appealed to the Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. The appellate court also ruled in favor of our client, and we ultimately recovered $362,000 for the client. Because of the unique issues in the case and the difficulty of this particular ERISA plan, both courts also ordered that the insurance company pay us for the attorney fees and expenses related to the case.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

A 62-year-old dentist with osteoarthritis was no longer able to hold a dental drill properly and had to stop working as a dentist. His long-term disability insurance company refused to pay him his disability benefits. We filed suit and were able to recover $300,000 from the insurance company for this client.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

A 61-year-old emergency room physician suffered from low back pain and was no longer able to practice medicine in the emergency room. His disability insurance company denied his claim. Our firm filed suit and recovered $258,273.40 for the client.

$250,000 Motor Vehicle Accident — Rear-End Collision

A nice gentleman was driving his truck when he was carelessly hit in the rear by another vehicle. Although the damage to the truck was minor, he sustained a serious neck injury. The case was litigated, and Mr. Kimsey was able to recover the full value for his injuries.

Car Accident – Ran Red Light

A negligent driver ran a red light and “T-boned” our client’s vehicle. The firm recovered the full value for our client’s injuries.

Slip And Fall — Jury Trial

Our client slipped and fell at the bottom of an escalator in a major departmental store. She sustained a bulging disk in her low back as a result of the fall, but she did not need surgery. At trial, Mr. Kimsey was able to prove that an employee negligently “oversprayed” cleaning solution on the floor in the area where she fell. The jury agreed and returned a verdict in favor of our client for over $200,000.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

A 54-year-old mortgage loan officer suffered from debilitating fibromyalgia and was no longer able to work. Her disability insurance company denied the claim. We filed suit in federal court and recovered $150,000 for the client.

Car Accident Rollover

Our client’s car was hit by another driver causing the client’s vehicle to roll over from the impact. Mr. Kimsey successfully resolved the claim through litigation, resulting in a $150,000 settlement for his client.

Passenger In A Car Accident

Our client was a very nice elderly lady who was injured while riding as a passenger in a car. The insurance company disputed fault in the accident that involved a driver who was making a U-turn. We were able to recover a $150,000 settlement for this very pleasant client.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was involved in a rear-end collision resulting in injuries. We recovered a $137,500 settlement from the insurance company for the client.

Car Accident – Ran Stop Sign

A Zephyrhills teenager was injured by another driver who ran a stop sign and drove directly into the teenager’s vehicle. Mr. Kimsey was able to convince the insurance company to pay the client $125,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident On I-275

Our client’s car was struck in the rear by a negligent driver on I-275. We recovered $110,000 on her behalf.

Slip And Fall

A young mother slipped and fell on a wet floor at a gas station breaking her ankle. Liability (fault) was heavily disputed because it was raining at the time. After extensive litigation and just prior to trial, the gas station agreed to settle the case for $95,000.

Trip And Fall

A very nice elderly lady tripped and fell on a sidewalk. We recovered $80,000 for her.

Purse Snatch Robbery — Uninsured Motorist Claim

Our client was walking through a parking lot on her way to dinner when her purse was snatched in a drive-by robbery. During the incident, our client was pulled to the ground and hit her head against the assailant’s vehicle. Although the police were unable to recover her purse, we made a claim against our client’s own uninsured motorist “UM” insurance. After some creative lawyering, we were able to show that our client was entitled to recover from her UM carrier because a vehicle was used in the robbery. The firm recovered a $60,0000 settlement from the UM insurance carrier on her behalf.

Confidential Settlement — Assault By Celebrity Body Guards

Our client was a credentialed news photographer who took photos of two celebrities together in a public place. One of the celebrities ordered his body guards to attack our client and destroy his camera. Our firm was successful in making a substantial recovery for our client against the celebrity.

Confidential Settlement — Sexual Assault On A School Bus

Our client was a minor who was sexually assaulted while waiting on a school bus. We recovered a substantial settlement for her and the perpetrator went to jail.

Erisa Decision Reversed — Long-Term Disability Insurance — ERISA

A very nice executive suffered from debilitating fibromyalgia and was no longer able to do her work. Her ERISA disability insurance company denied the claim. We helped her through the ERISA appeal process, and the insurance company continued to deny her claim. We filed suit in federal court, and, after litigating the case, we were able to convince the insurance company to reverse the denial of her claim. They agreed to pay her all her past-due ERISA disability insurance benefits and to start paying her again on a monthly basis.

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