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When Group Disability Coverage Is Denied

Full-time Florida employees may have group disability insurance from their employers. This ensures you still have an income during a short- or long-term disability.

However, problems can arise if you do not qualify for benefits or leave the company – which will eliminate the disability benefits you had planned on. Some Florida residents may seek a private disability or individual plan when their group disability plan is not enough.

, Can Help

As a firm, , holds strong ethics and standards for protecting injured or disabled individuals. We believe you deserve the compensation and disability assistance you are owed.

We know that insurance companies have many tactics to try and deny your policy coverage or claims. When you work with us, we will fight every step of the way for your rights to disability benefits.

Issues Your Group Coverage May Face

With 25 years of helping clients with their group disability insurance claims, we have seen a number of problems arise. Our attorney is an aggressive litigator and will take your case to court when needed. Reach out if you are facing any of the following:

  • Policy denial because you are not “totally” disabled
  • The unclear language on your policy results in a claim denial
  • The insurance company denies benefits claims
  • Needing to file appeals for your case
  • You left your employer and lost all disability benefits
  • Your employer canceled the group disability plan
  • Benefits are causing tax issues or are capped at a certain amount

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