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Where are car accidents likely to happen?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Auto Accidents

A car accident can occur anywhere, provided a driver fails to observe their duty of keeping others safe. However, some locations record a high number of crashes.

They include:


Intersections can be confusing to drivers. With multiple vehicles proceeding in different directions and many signals and signs to acknowledge, one can make a mistake. Nevertheless, neglect plays a crucial factor in intersection accidents. A focused driver, obeying traffic laws, can negotiate an intersection safely.

Common causes of intersection accidents include failing to yield to the driver with the right of way, not knowing who has the right of way, inattention, illegal maneuver, distracted driving and violating traffic laws.

Driver’s neighborhoods

A significant percentage of accidents happen close to home. Since a driver is familiar with their neighborhood, they may stop paying attention to their driving – they may get too comfortable and, in turn, can engage in distracted driving.

Further, a driver driving in a residential area can hit wrongly parked vehicles or those backing out of a parking spot. An attentive driver can notice such a vehicle on time, but if a driver is distracted, an accident is likely to happen.

Rural areas

Research shows that more than half of fatal large-truck crashes reported in 2021 occurred on rural roads. Some risks lead to these accidents, including speeding drivers, poorly maintained roads and animal crossings.


Rear-end crashes are common at stoplights, and they mainly involve distracted drivers or those who ignore them.

If you are injured in any of these locations, learn more about your options and rights to receive just compensation.  


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