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What are the accident risks of driving near a truck?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Unfavorable traffic conditions can cause a lot of stress for drivers, especially when sharing the road with large, heavy trucks. After all, most collisions between commercial and passenger vehicles do not usually end well for those in the smaller automobile.

Sometimes, knowing the hazards of a particular activity can improve your awareness and increase safety. With those goals in mind, here are four special risks of driving your car or pickup near a commercial vehicle.

Multiple blind spots

There are certain parts of a semi where the driver cannot see other automobiles (or pedestrians). They extend along the sides and rear of the trailer and sometimes in front of the cab. Smaller vehicles are particularly vulnerable to disappearing into these blind spots, putting them at risk of a crash.

Long stopping distances

The weight of trucks makes it hard for them to stop or even slow down quickly. It can take several hundred feet to come to a complete stop, even under ideal conditions. Always put a little extra room between you and semi-trucks.

Wind gusts and blowouts

Tall trucks are vulnerable to wind gusts, which can cause them to sway or tip over. Additionally, tire blowouts can occur suddenly and with force, potentially sending debris into other lanes or causing loss of control.

Trucker fatigue and sleepiness

Truck drivers must work long hours in a sedentary position, making them susceptible to fatigue or exhaustion. Fatigue can impair judgment, reaction time and overall driving skills, increasing the risk of accidents. It can also cause them to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Sometimes, the person operating a truck breaks the law or acts recklessly and is thereby responsible for victim injuries. Other times, the trucking company may hold the liability.

The important thing is to identify all parties to blame for your truck accident. Doing so helps to ensure you have explored all options to obtain the financial compensation you need.



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