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Parents can be distracted by their children in the car

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Auto Accidents

There are many driving distractions that people have to contend with every day. Even things they need to do, like adjusting the mirrors or the driver’s seat, can be distracting. There are also activities like changing the radio station or using a cellphone that distract modern drivers on a consistent basis.

But even drivers who try to avoid these obvious distractions could find themselves having their attention pulled away from the road. This has been found to be especially problematic for parents, who will often be distracted by their children. Some have even suggested that a “Baby on Board” sign should actually be a warning to other drivers. 

Caring for children in the vehicle

The issue is that children often need a lot of assistance, even when they’re in the vehicle. If only one parent is in the car at the time, they will feel pressure to take care of the child’s wants and desires. Children often have little ability to wait and will just demand what they want. 

Examples of these distractions include reaching to pick up a toy that the child has dropped on the ground or handing food and drinks back to a child in the rear seat. Many parents will also be distracted by turning around to talk to their children, answering questions or regulating disagreements.

But part of the issue is that even when parents try to focus on the road, children can just be inherently distracting. Parents who have a newborn, for example, may not have anything they can do about the child crying in the car. But that crying still pulls a lot of their attention away from driving the vehicle.

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