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Admitting fault after a crash could reduce your compensation

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Accepting responsibility for a crash, even if you aren’t entirely sure who was at fault, is a wrong move. Whether you are being nice or confused about what to say after the crash, admitting fault could significantly reduce your compensation.

When you apologize or admit fault, you are essentially taking responsibility for the accident. Insurance companies will use your admission of fault as evidence and will argue that you were partially or wholly responsible for any damages caused.

Your degree of fault will affect your eventual settlement

Florida negligence laws allow you to recover compensation even if you had some fault for an accident. However, the amount you can recover is proportional to your contribution to the crash. Admitting that you played a part could put most of the blame on you, especially if it’s unclear what led to the crash.

Watch what you say

Do not apologize to the other driver after an accident or say anything that implies your responsibility for the crash. This includes your statements to the other driver, the police, insurance investigators and even posts on social media. They could all come back to haunt you.

Protect your car accident claim

It is advisable to reach out for legal assistance immediately after a crash, particularly if you are unsure of what to say or do. With the proper knowledge of the mistakes to avoid, your chances of getting the compensation you deserve can significantly increase. Equally important is that you will understand your rights and what to expect in the claims process, from the investigations to the eventual settlement.


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