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How does weather impact car accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Florida is known for its bright and sunny weather. However, there are a few adverse weather conditions that state residents are susceptible to while driving.

Weather conditions like rain, sleet and even sun glare can impact the different rates of car accidents in surprising ways. As seasons change, drivers should take time to reacquaint themselves with some of the side effects of new weather patterns.

How does wet weather impact driving?

Rain is one of the more obvious weather conditions that can increase the chances of car crashes. Stormy weather and even light rain showers can make it hard for drivers to see, causing more accidents to happen.

Rain also makes it harder for cars to get proper friction on the roads, which can make the cars slide. The same can be said of when it sleets or snows.

In addition, heavy rain can lead to flooding, which can block off roadways and cause intense traffic. At worst, vehicles can become submerged in heavy rain water.

In what other ways does weather impact driving?

There are a lot of subtle ways that adverse weather can increase the rates of car accidents. In any sort of weather that decreases vision or car performance, drivers might get anxious and not perform their best. When drivers get anxious, they might not think clearly if they start to lose control of their car. Poor weather can also increase traffic on the road, and drivers might not slow down in time to avoid an accident.

Staying calm during different weather conditions can help keep drivers and their passengers safe. Drivers can also reduce the risks of accidents by making sure their car is appropriately maintained throughout the year.


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