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Motorcycles: small vehicles with outsized road safety challenges

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

On interstates and freeways. On non-interstate roads both large and small. On city streets and rural byways. During every month of the year in Florida, and at all times of the day and night. Involving drivers of both sexes and across all age groups.

That virtually “anywhere, anytime and affecting anyone” depiction above refers to the distinct and singular roadway challenges faced by Florida’s vast motorcycling demographic.

Statistics readily point out the sheer diversity of that group. Florida bike enthusiasts range from riders in their teens to senior citizens who have been enjoying the freedom and independence fostered by motorcycle travel for decades.

Riders uniformly experience the joy conferred by on-the-road motorcycling engagement.

Yet it is also the case that they are uniformly susceptible to adverse behind-the-wheel outcomes attributable to a number of factors.

Undeniable challenges face the motorcycling public. Accidents occur at a notably high rate for that group notwithstanding the constant efforts made by conscientious riders to avoid injury catalysts and resulting harm.

A proven Tampa personal injury legal source addressing motorcycle accident injuries succinctly drives home that point. It stresses that “motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when involved in a motor vehicle crash with a car or bike.”

Biker vulnerability owes to multiple, broad-based factors

A bullet list spotlighting sources of potential peril for motorcyclists is long and varied. It includes crash catalysts like this:

  • Third-party distracted driving behaviors
  • Commercial drivers in a hurry owing to unreasonably tight scheduling dictates
  • Reckless driving by motorists in passenger vehicles (e.g., speeding, excessive lane weaving and tailgating)
  • Drunk and/or drugged drivers
  • Drivers’ claims that they never saw a motorcyclist before a collision

Whatever the claim, the fact is that the primary cause of injury in a clear majority of all accidents involving bikers is negligence committed by another motorist.

How common and serious are motorcycle accidents?

The national Insurance Institute for Highway Safety doesn’t mince words when underscoring the stark safety concerns posed for motorcyclists across the country. Indeed, it quickly stresses this sobering data relevant to a recent year:

  • More than 5,000 biker deaths nationally
  • Fatality rate for motorcyclists nearly 27 times higher than for crash victims in passenger vehicles
  • Biker deaths comprising about 14% of all fatalities, despite motorcyclists having just a marginal presence on roads overall
  • 100%-plus jump in motorcycle deaths over a recently concluded two-decade period

Motorcycle crash victims injured owing to third-party negligence have strong post-accident rights. A proven and empathetic personal injury legal team can provide further information.


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