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Why do many truck accidents occur?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Trucks traveling in and through Florida may haul important and sometimes dangerous cargo. Scores of trucks reach their destinations without much controversy, but tractor-trailer accidents do happen. Trucks may potentially cause disastrous collisions. Are there differences between the reasons for truck accidents and car crashes, though? Similarities and differences exist, and looking at common reasons for truck accidents may help with awareness and prevention.

Common causes for truck crashes and collisions

Federal law mandates breaks and limitations on consecutive driving hours serve a valuable purpose. A fatigued driver could suffer from impairments that lead to a collision. Substance abuse and even distractions from unnecessary behaviors could also undermine the safe operation of the truck.

Truck drivers that violate traffic laws might regret the decision. Speeding may end up serving no other purpose than factoring into a deadly crash. Whenever a driver commits to a moving violation, he or she might decrease safety on the road.

Weather conditions could make the outcome of moving violations worse. Even when driving safely, bad weather might lead to a truck collision since roads may be slick.

Other reasons for truck-related accidents and injuries

Assuming that a truck driver bears responsibility in every instance would be grossly inaccurate. Truck operators could become the victims of another driver’s moving violations, including examples where the driver cuts off the truck and more.

Accidents might not necessarily involve trucks colliding with another vehicle. Cargo could fall from the trailer, causing devastation. Whoever improperly secured cargo might end up liable for the resultant injuries.

Third parties may contribute to more truck accidents than realized. A mechanic that performs a terrible job could set a course for a mechanical failure-induced collision.

Truck accidents might leave victims suffering from physical and financial harm. A personal injury attorney may provide advice on how to seek compensation for losses.


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