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Failure to yield a common cause for motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

With the number of motorcycles on the Florida roads, it is imperative for drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks to keep a close watch for them.

A common cause for motorcycle accidents is when another vehicle fails to yield. When turning, exiting a driveway or parking lot and in other circumstances, it is essential for drivers to watch for motorcycles. Since they can be difficult to see, being vigilant is a major part of safe driving. When there is a collision, motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries including head trauma, back injuries, fractures and much more. In many cases, the injuries turn out to be fatal. While a legal filing will not turn the clock back to prevent the crash, it can be helpful to pay for medical costs for those who survived and assist those who are trying to get beyond an untimely death.

A motorcyclist was killed when the bike collided with a car. The rider, 31, was on a Suzuki motorcycle and heading south. The driver of a 2013 Toyota Rav4 was exiting a parking lot. It was being driven by a 78-year-old male. It went into the path of the motorcycle and the vehicles collided. When emergency crews arrived, the rider was declared dead. The driver of the Rav4 and a passenger, 34, were slightly injured. The investigation is continuing, and there is a chance that the driver will face charges for his role in the fatal crash.

A driver who exited a parking lot went right in front of a motorcyclist. In the ensuing collision, the motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries and died. As the investigation moves forward, the rider’s family must think about the future. Legal advice from a law firm experienced in motorcycle accidents may be useful in a legal claim for compensation.


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