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Study: pedestrian-auto accidents a major problem in Tampa

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Auto Accidents

In Florida and throughout the United States, pedestrians are more vulnerable to injuries and fatalities in auto accidents than ever before. With the prevalence of drivers who are under the influence, distracted, negligent and commit other risky and dangerous behaviors, pedestrians are common victims with injuries and fatalities.

Research is critical to assess how and why this happens and to determine comprehensive strategies to reduce the frequency. Those who have been injured in pedestrian-auto accidents or have lost a loved one to a fatal crash should have legal advice on how to pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

In a study conducted by Smart Growth America, the Tampa Bay area was found to have a worrying number of pedestrian accidents. The research covered 2008 to 2017. During that time, there were more than 49,300 pedestrian deaths in auto accidents nationwide. That means 13 pedestrians each day died in a car collision. In that decade, there was a more than 35% rise in pedestrian fatalities. This coincided with more people taking to the road with an increase of more than 8% in vehicle miles traveled.

Overall, Florida had 5,433 pedestrian fatalities. The second most was in Alabama which had 841. Of the 10 most dangerous locations in the U.S., Florida made up eight with three in Tampa. That included 194 deaths in North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton; 162 in Lakeland-Winter Haven; and 900 in Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater. In 2019, the problem has continued with Tampa leading the way with 15 fatalities.

No one thinks they will be in an accident when they head out on the street. However, it happens all-too frequently. When it involves a pedestrian, the outcome can be catastrophic with serious injuries and long-term consequences. Fatalities are common with these accidents. Statistically, Florida is a trouble spot for pedestrian accidents and those who have been involved or lost a loved one should think about the future. A law firm that understands pedestrian-auto accidents may provide guidance in seeking compensation.


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