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Many factors play into truck accidents: Accountability is one of them.

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Reports and stories focused on motor vehicle accidents often spotlight the special nature of crashes involving large trucks.

And that is understandable, given big rigs’ outsized dimensions and distinct maneuvering limitations. One proven Florida personal injury legal source duly notes the heightened propensity for tractor trailers, varied semi-trucks and other commercial rigs “to cause disastrous collisions.”

Truck crash causes: influencing factors can run a broad gamut

Injury-inducing catalysts literally driven by big-truck involvement in a roadway crash are both multiple and varied. Here are just a few contributing factors in crashes that routinely occur across the Gulf Coast and other parts of Florida:

  • Excessive size and weight of many commercial trucks, which often precludes timely and effective slowdowns and stops
  • Truck drivers’ diminished visibility owing to notable blind spots
  • Fatigued and sometimes alcohol/drug-impaired truckers
  • On-board distractions competing for truckers’ attention
  • Dangerous truck movement marked by speeding, tailgating, lane weaving and other negligent behind-the-wheel behaviors
  • Inadequately serviced and/or repaired rigs
  • Truck companies’ laxity concerning company training/procedures, driver hires and training, conformity with best practices in scheduling and more

Often diffuse, multi-party accountability features in truck accidents

A close scan of the above bullet points underscores that, while accident accountability often rests squarely with a negligent truck driver, such is not always the case. The last two bulleted points clearly convey that culpability in a truck-tied crash and resulting injuries can be multi-sourced and owing to many factors.

That is prominently stressed by one experienced Florida legal team addressing truck crash outcomes. It states that, in any given accident, “the driver and their employer could both be guilty of negligence that led to the wreck.”

That often wide-ranging accountability makes it an imperative for an injured victim to secure timely and knowledgeable help from an aggressive and results-oriented legal team well versed in the nuances of truck crash injuries.

Culpable parties will often go to great lengths to disguise or minimize their involvement in a truck crash or other accident that yields severe and sometimes catastrophic injuries to other drivers and passengers (as well as to others who share the road, like motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians).

Proven and empathetic personal injury attorneys can play a strong role in helping valued and diverse clients secure post-crash accountability and a meaningful legal remedy marked by maximum compensation.


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