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Does car color really matter?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Some people spend a lot of time waiting for a car that’s the right color. They may pass up on available ones because they do not like the color. They might even be willing to pay more for the color they want.

Others will tell them not to be so stupid, and that color is irrelevant. Who is correct?

Color can matter more than people think

If you are paying a lot of money for something, then why not get it in the color you like? If it makes you feel happier, you may consider it money well spent.

Yet car color can also affect safety. One study found the following car colors had an above-average crash risk:

  • Black 12%
  • Grey 11%
  • Silver 10%
  • Blue 7%

Lighter-colored cars are easier to see

Think about why road crews wear bright yellow high-vis clothing – it’s because they know making it easier for others to see them increases their safety.

The same applies to vehicles. If other drivers can easily see your car, they are less likely to hit you. Darker colors like black, grey and darker shades of green and blue are less visible than white, beige or yellow. The study found that lighter colors had a reduced crash risk.

Can you blame a driver for their choice of color in a  crash?

You can’t. Provided the other driver had their lights on when required, you shouldn’t try arguing you didn’t see them because their vehicle was too dark. The law expects drivers to notice all other vehicles. Instead, you should seek legal help to look for what the other driver did wrong that led to the crash.