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What is the top contributing factor to deadly pedestrian crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Pedestrian crashes occur in all kinds of neighborhoods and all year round. Sometimes, the pedestrian is to blame. A child might run out into the road chasing a ball or a pet without checking for oncoming traffic first. Other times, the driver is at fault, as they engage in a dangerous maneuver or strike a pedestrian because they were too busy talking on the phone to pay attention to the road.

Elements like distraction and failure to monitor the environment contribute to pedestrians crashes, but federal crash statistics show that one risk factor plays a role in almost half of all pedestrian fatalities. 

Alcohol is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers

When someone has too much to drink, their movements become more erratic, and their decision-making isn’t as effective. They may also struggle with motor control, leading to a pedestrian scattering out in front of a vehicle or a driver losing their grip on the steering wheel for just long enough for a crash to occur.

When looking at both drivers and pedestrians, alcohol plays a role in approximately 47% of pedestrian fatalities. Sometimes, it is the driver who has too much to drink. Other times, the pedestrian is the one affected by alcohol. In rare circumstances, both parties may have unsafe levels of alcohol in their bloodstreams at the time of the collision.

Walking home when you have too much to drink is certainly more responsible than trying to drive home, but it is still a dangerous decision. Getting a ride from someone you trust or calling a cab could potentially save your life. Learning more about the biggest risk factors for pedestrian crashes can help keep you safer on Florida roads.



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