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Is distracted driving inevitable?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Auto Accidents

The roads are full of distracted drivers. Yet that does not mean they need to be.

Road safety groups create campaigns to educate people on its danger. State legislators make laws to discourage it, and police and state troopers pull people over and ticket them for it. Yet still, it continues.

Think about the words people use when talking about distractions

People say something “grabs your attention” or “distracts you.” They make it sound like you have little to no control over what is happening. Yet you do, and so does every other driver out there. Everyone can choose where to place their attention, and drivers must focus on the road.

Yet it is not always easy to ignore distractions and concentrate on the road

Marketers are experts at grabbing our attention. They know a giant billboard with a picture of an attractive woman or a well-phrased pricing offer is incredibly hard to ignore.

Social media companies are also in the business of marketing. They know the perfect combination of beeps and pop-up notifications to make us want to check our phones even if we know we should not because we are driving.

Real live humans are also great at getting attention. Whether it is a 2-year-old, who knows that all she has to do is cry and her parents will spin around to check on her. Or an aging Tom Selleck wannabe unbuttoning their shirt to grab the attention of passing females attracted by the site of chest hair and a gold medallion.

However, anyone taking the wheel of a vehicle must ignore distractions, however hard it may be. If they fail to do so and crash into you, they need to accept responsibility. Yet, many refuse, which is why getting legal help to fight for the compensation you deserve will be crucial.


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