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What are leading causes of pedestrian accidents in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Auto Accidents

People walk from one point to the next for a range of reasons. Some people take to walking to cut down on their carbon footprints. Others take to walking to reap the health benefits that come with this undertaking. And yet, other people walk because this is the only form of transportation at their disposal. No matter the motivation, it is important to understand that walking comes with its share of risks.

While pedestrians may be partly to blame for some accidents, a big chunk of accidents involving pedestrians are usually caused by motorists. Here are some of the main causes of pedestrian accidents in the Sunshine State.

Ignoring basic traffic signs

Most pedestrian-related accidents happen at intersections and pedestrian crossing points. Reason? Because at these spots, pedestrians naturally expect motorists to give way or at least slow down. As a result, they most often attempt to cross the road without checking whether the motorist has stopped or not.

Distracted driving

This is yet another common cause of pedestrian-related accidents. Distraction while driving occurs when the motorist is eating, operating an electronic device like a cellphone, adjusting the radio or even conversing with their passengers. All these actions can take the driver’s attention off the road and result in an accident.


A driver who is traveling at an excessively high speed is likely to cause an accident. Speeding reduces the braking time the driver would have if a pedestrian suddenly appears in front of them.

Driving while intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated is extremely dangerous as it impairs the driver’s judgment and impacts their reaction time. An intoxicated driver is also highly likely to lose control of the vehicle and swerve onto the sidewalk to hit a pedestrian.

Florida is one of those states where you simply want to be outdoors. Whether you are a pedestrian or a motorist, understanding the common causes of pedestrian-related accidents can help you stay alert while on the road.


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