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Do urban areas present greater risks for pedestrian accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

The simple act of crossing the street could result in fatal consequences. Pedestrians might find themselves the victims of a negligent driver, and even a careful person may get hit by a car. Florida has many residents and visitors driving at all times of day and night, creating dangers for walkers and joggers. Those dangers may increase in more urban areas.

Pedestrian accident risks in major cities

The National Center for Health Statistics revealed that 82% of pedestrian traffic deaths in 2019 occurred in urban settings. The overall number of these deaths reached 7,668 fatalities. Those figures may give both drivers and pedestrians much to worry about.

Highly-populated Florida cities are not the only regions where pedestrians face risks. Anyone could get hit by a car anywhere, including less-trafficked rural roads. However, urban areas might present significant dangers for several reasons.

The close proximity between pedestrians and vehicles might increase the risks for accidents. Congested city locations could come with several distractions, leading to accidents. Drivers are not the only persons who may suffer from distractions. Pedestrians jogging with earbuds on might place themselves in danger. Regardless, drivers must be aware of pedestrians and bicyclists when traveling.

Other issues related to pedestrian accidents

Not surprisingly, pedestrian accidents often happen in low-visibility situations. That’s not to say such incidents don’t happen during daytime hours, but a lack of light may make someone harder to see. So, jogging or walking at night seems risky. Those risks might increase exponentially when the pedestrian is under the influence.

Drivers could be more careful when traveling through populated areas. Speeding or driving while intoxicated create hazards, and so does driving a vehicle with worn brakes. Ultimately, drivers might benefit from taking steps to cut down on the chances of pedestrian accidents.


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