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Many motorcycle crashes result in severe injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle enthusiasts find their choice for commuting to be more fun and rewarding than traveling by car. Some trade-offs exist when choosing to ride a motorcycle in Florida. Namely, the chances for severe injuries might be more significant since a motorcyclist won’t likely receive the same protection as riding inside an SUV. Motorcycle riders might find reviewing the possible common injuries helpful and thinking about ways to avoid them.

Worries about motorcycle injuries

Car accidents might result in only property damage, which is also possible with a motorcycle collision. While possible, it is less likely for a motorcyclist to experience an accident without an injury. About 80% of motorcycle collisions result in physical harm.

The severity varies among injuries, but even “minor” road rash could become infected. Road rash injuries aren’t always inconsequential, either. The friction the human body suffers when dragged across asphalt could lead to terrible results.

Motorcyclists might fear broken arms and legs more than road rash, and for a good reason. Even traveling at relatively low speeds could result in fractures to the limbs, necessitating potentially long recovery periods.

Similarly, someone could suffer a traumatic brain or spinal injury after a motorcycle crash. Such injuries may result in permanent, life-altering conditions, ones that substantially impact the ability to support oneself. The costs for medical care and rehabilitation might be enormous when experiencing these accidents.

Seeking a legal solution

Financial losses, combined with pain and suffering, may lead motorcyclists and pedestrians alike to file a lawsuit. A substantial settlement could cover the losses victims suffer due to someone else’s negligence.

Costs could be more than initially anticipated. An entire home might require renovations to accommodate physical problems after an accident. These and other expenses might drive motorcycle accident victims to seek appropriate compensation.


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