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Is Florida known for a high rate of pedestrian accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Car accidents don’t always involve only vehicles. Pedestrians may find themselves involved in a collision, and the outcome could be tragic. Crossing the street or even waiting at a bus stop might come with unexpected dangers, which is why pedestrians benefit from remaining alert. Florida drivers could do their part and drive more safely to protect pedestrians in the Sunshine State.

Florida and car risk dangers to pedestrians

Pedestrians have a compelling reason to be on their guard when walking around in Florida. The state ranks as the deadliest for pedestrians, and South Florida represents the most dangerous region in the state. Smart Growth America released a study detailing how dangerous things are for pedestrians. The figures show that between 2010 and 2019, 1,675 pedestrians suffered fatalities.

Several factors contribute to why the pedestrian death figures are so high. Low-income neighborhoods might lack sidewalks, putting pedestrians dangerously close to moving vehicles, for example.

Pedestrians and safety

Whether walking in Florida or another state, pedestrians may benefit from several potentially safety-boosting steps when walking. Anyone who jogs at night might wish to wear clothing with reflectors to increase visibility. Staying in well-lit areas might be advisable when hoping to avoid pedestrian accidents, too. Those worried about the dangers of walking around at night may look into ridesharing or other travel options.

Being more alert when walking could help. Choosing not to wear earbuds or headsets may help the cause since they might drown out the environment. Alcohol and drugs might impair the senses, something that might put pedestrians at risk. Abstaining from mind-altering substances seems advisable under many circumstances, such as when in close proximity to traffic.

No matter how careful a pedestrian is, a negligent driver could cause an accident. Pedestrians hurt by a driver’s carelessness may find it necessary to file a lawsuit to recover their losses.