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How dangerous are tractor-trailers on the road?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Truck accidents might be the collisions commuters fear the most. A truck crash on a Florida highway could result in severe injuries and fatalities since a tractor-trailer’s mass might crush a smaller vehicle. Even larger models, such as SUVs and vans, would not likely handle a collision well. After the crash, fingers may point towards the responsible party. How does someone establish fault after a truck collision?

Liability and truck crashes

Anyone whose actions involve negligence could be responsible for a truck or car accident. Negligence may involve blatant violations of traffic safety laws, including speeding or going through red lights. Tractor-trailer collisions may result from a driver’s error, such as not keeping an eye on the speedometer or making too sharp a turn.

Unfortunately, a truck driver’s unfortunate mistake could cost someone their life. In 2017, truck driver errors caused roughly one-third of all fatal truck accidents, a sobering figure.

Truck accident dangers

Various moving violations could lead to accidents, and that’s why commercial truck drivers should never speed or tailgate. However, truckers in a rush to finish a job may become careless. Others could drive intoxicated or fatigued, increasing the risk of a crash dramatically.

Big rig drivers are not responsible for all truck accidents, as a smaller car could commit a moving violation and crash into a truck. Once again, a truck’s size might leave a tractor-trailer with minimal damage and the smaller vehicle totaled. If a compact car’s driver caused the accident, the truck driver might have a credible claim.

An insurance settlement might cover financial losses, but nothing can bring a deceased person back. Reckless and unsafe driving puts people’s lives in danger, especially when the negligence involves a tractor-trailer.