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Later school times reduces accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Later school time starts have made Florida roads safer as teenagers are not driving to school as early. This has reduced some instances of fatigued driving because teenagers can get more sleep before getting behind the wheel to go to school. Since teenagers cause a disproportionate number of crashes, it makes roads safer overall.

Fatigued driving is dangerous

Research has shown that fatigued driving can be every bit as deadly and drunk driving. When people get behind the wheel without the proper amount of sleep, it can reduce their awareness and slow their reflexes. The risk is not so much falling asleep behind the wheel as it is a degradation of their ability to drive. They are less alert behind the wheel. Combined with additional distractions, such as texting, and teens are a danger to themselves and other drivers.

Later school time means rested drivers

This particular study analyzed the number of car accidents in a school district that moved its school start time 70 minutes later. Here, the number of students who reported driving fatigued fell by nearly a third after the start time was changed. There was a corresponding drop in the overall number of accidents in the school district’s area. The conclusion of the researchers was that policy changes could continue to increase drivers’ well-being. Healthier and rested drivers mean that everyone can stay safe on the roads.

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