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Are pedestrians at great risk for auto accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Not all drivers conduct themselves safely on Florida roads, so even pedestrians walking around a residential area with reduced speed limits could be at risk for an accident. Therefore, it is wise to embrace helpful pedestrian safety tips.

Safety and pedestrian travel

Drunk, distracted and impatient drivers may turn up anywhere and cause pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians could find themselves severely injured when crossing a negligent driver’s path. Even walking past a seemingly quiet driveway might result in a traumatic brain injury or several broken bones if a driver backs out too fast without looking. Pedestrians can help themselves by staying alert to such dangers.

Pedestrians also benefit from avoiding jaywalking, sticking to the sidewalk when possible, remaining in well-lit areas and keeping an eye out for traffic. Pedestrians should act extra cautious and assume that drivers don’t see them when walking near traffic.

In addition, pedestrians should avoid walking around while intoxicated or otherwise impaired. Taking care of oneself might become harder when under the influence.

Ultimately, even someone who takes multiple safety steps could suffer an injury at the hand of a negligent driver. Those injuries might result in unfortunate financial consequences.

Compensation and pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians hurt by a negligent driver may have a valid insurance claim. Suing the driver for injuries could be an option, too. Taking such actions might be necessary to receive the proper care for any injuries or lost wages.

Pedestrian accident victims may not realize that they could potentially use their own auto insurance to file a claim in some instances. For example, an injured pedestrian might file an uninsured motorist claim when the incident involves an uninsured driver.

A personal injury attorney may advise accident victims on how to seek compensation. The attorney may represent the client in court or during insurance settlement negotiations.


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