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Are cities risky places for pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Living in the “big city” is preferable for many Florida residents. Metropolitan areas come with several perks, one of which being convenience. In a city, someone might not always be reliant on a car. Walking to the store or to work could be perfect ways to get from one place to another since the distance might not be too far. Dangers exist, though. Pedestrians may discover big cities are often home to auto-pedestrian accidents.

The dangers of big city life to pedestrians

Cities might turn into crowded places, especially during specific days and times of the week. When scores of vehicles hit the road, pedestrians might find themselves in close proximity to cars and SUVs capable of inflicting significant harm. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points to frightening 2012 figures stating 76,000 pedestrians suffered traffic-related injuries. That news should give walkers and joggers some concerns.

Drivers don’t always behave with an eye on safety, either. Backing out of a driveway sometimes occurs when the driver doesn’t look before moving, and some may rely solely on the limitations of rear-view cameras.

E-bikes and scooters continue to become a presence on city streets and sidewalks. And yes, these alternative means of transportation might contribute to their share of pedestrian accidents.

Typical traffic accident woes

Expect “typical” traffic-related trouble anywhere people operate vehicles. Drunk driving remains a risk, and cities known for bars and nightlife may have more than their fair share of intoxicated drivers. Distracted driving might be an even more common problem since so many things could cause distractions. Cities have their own unique risks as well. Busy intersections could mean dangerous left turns, and pedestrians have to be on the lookout.


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