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How does bright sunlight affect your driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Bad weather isn’t the only driving hazard in Florida. When you’re driving around in bright sunlight, the sun could blind you, catch you off guard or distract you while you’re in the middle of the highway. For this reason, it’s important to prepare for sunny weather as much as you would prepare for rainy weather.

How can you safely drive in the sunlight?

When you’re on the road, you might have noticed that certain vehicles have tinted windows. This isn’t just for privacy; it also reduces the amount of sunlight that enters the vehicle, reducing the risk of car accidents. If you have trouble driving in the sunlight, consider getting your windows tinted.

You should also keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle. When the sun gets in your eyes, put on your sunglasses to protect yourself and other people on the road. If you don’t have a pair of sunglasses at hand, use your car’s visor to block out the sunlight.

When you drive in the rain, you probably leave a distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. You should also practice this safety tip when you’re driving in bright sunlight. If the sunlight gets in your eyes even for a second, it could blind you and slow your reaction time. These rules also apply to everyone else on the road. If someone hits your vehicle because the sun distracted them, you may want to talk to a personal injury attorney.

Do you need an attorney after a minor accident?

If you feel fine after your car accident, you might assume that you don’t need to see a doctor or talk to an attorney. However, some injuries don’t show symptoms until hours, days or even weeks after the incident. See a doctor as soon as possible, and then call an attorney when you have a clear picture of the injuries that you’ve sustained.


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