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Why road rage is more harmful than most people realize

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Everyone in Florida has likely witnessed road rage at least once in their lives. Sometimes, a relative who’s prone to road rage is a running joke in the family. What many people don’t realize is that road rage is illegal and worse than that, it can be dangerous. If one driver gets injured because another driver engaged in road rage, they could sue them for compensation.

What types of behaviors are considered road rage?

Aggressive behaviors are typically categorized as road rage. This can include honking your own, shouting at other motorists, making rude hand gestures, slamming the steering wheel, flashing your lights or cursing at drivers. This also includes aggressive driving behaviors like intentionally slowing down, crowding another driver and slamming on your brakes so that the other driver goes off the road.

Some of these behaviors might seem harmless, but they can quickly lead to car accidents. Many drivers engage in road rage because they feel a sense of anonymity. Others are frustrated because of traffic jams or bad road conditions and feel like venting their aggression. Still, others are aggravated because of another person’s poor driving skills.

Whatever the case, everyone is responsible for their own behavior. If you can’t control your road rage, you might end up losing control on the highway, which can lead to car accidents, injuries, totaled vehicles and lawsuits. For this reason, it’s important to stay calm in stressful situations.

How can you protect yourself after a car accident?

The car accident wasn’t your fault, but you’re still paying the price. You’re suddenly faced with severe injuries, a totaled vehicle and mounting medical bills. Hiring a personal injury attorney may help you get your life back together. Your attorney might help you hold the other driver accountable and make them think twice about engaging in road rage.


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