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Two killed in Kings Highway collision

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Auto Accidents

The issue of exactly what degree of responsibility drivers in Florida have to the passengers they transport in the vehicles is often viewed as open for debate. While there may be little disagreement over the charge drivers have over children under their care, some might argue that the safety of adult passengers is solely their own responsibility.

A reasonable adult might assume that they need to take basic safety measures such as wearing a seat belt in order to avoid serious injuries in the event of a car accident. Yet a passenger’s individual caution can do little to overcome the reckless and negligent actions.

Brevard County collision produces fatal outcome

One might wonder whether the issue of driver responsibility plays a factor in determining liability for a fatal car accident that recently occurred in Brevard County. Through the Graham Media Group, authorities say that a car traveling along Kings Highway lost control and struck two other vehicles. While the occupants of those vehicles did not suffer any significant injuries in the collision, the driver and the passenger of the car that initiated the accident both died. Investigators have yet to determine what caused the driver of that car to lose control of it.

Seeking compensation from a responsible party’s estate

One might wonder (in a case such as this) what the point is in pursuing a liability claim given that the driver died in the incident. In such a scenario, however, one can try to seek compensation from a responsible party’s estate. A civil claim against an estate typically requires settling prior to any other disbursements. Earning a financial award in such a scenario might require the assistance of an experienced legal professional.


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