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Woman dies in head-on collision, 3 others sustain injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Many people do not think twice about passing slower cars on the road to get ahead during their travels. This can lead to an accident if a driver somehow misjudges another car’s speed or does not see an oncoming vehicle before they pass the one in front of them. 

Such is the case for a Florida woman who tragically passed away following a head-on collision with another vehicle during the above scenario. 

Florida woman dies while others endure injuries

According to a recent report by the Bradenton Herald, one driver’s decision to pass the car in front of her ended fatally. As she was passing the vehicle in front of her she experienced a collision with an oncoming vehicle in the other lane. Paramedics pronounced her dead upon their arrival at the scene. Her two children passengers sustained critical injuries and helicopters transported them to the hospital. The driver of the oncoming vehicle also suffered very serious injuries, resulting in a trip to the hospital as well. 

The article does not speculate as to who is responsible for the accident. It is also unclear if the woman’s death will result in a wrongful death claim from the family. 

An investigation is underway

The accident is currently under investigation regarding the events surrounding the accident. Authorities have not released a statement as to whether or not any of the drivers were speeding. At this point, it is not known if the surviving drivers will see any violations issued against them. Additionally, there is no update regarding the recovery of the other parties involved.