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How to reduce motorcycle injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Surveys report more than 95,000 motorcycle accident cases every year. All these take a financial toll in different sectors, such as insurance claims, medical, and legal costs. Motorcycle drivers have more chances of getting severe injuries than those occupying a vehicle.

Motorcycle accident victims need compensation for the injuries they sustain. However, that will only happen if the riders ensure maximum safety procedures. While motorcycles are riskier than cars, some of these ways still do an incredible job of minimizing the risks.

Wearing helmets

Helmets do not protect the rider from getting into motorcycle accidents, but they prevent serious head injuries. Studies prove that riders that wear helmets reduce injuries and deaths by 70 and 40 percent, respectively. The state of Florida has partial helmet laws that require anyone under 21 to always wear a protective helmet.

Protective clothing

Protective clothing like leather jackets, ensure rider safety, and prevent serious injuries and bruises in case of a crash. Long-sleeved tops and long pants also offer enough protection for legs and arms.


Well maintained motorcycles reduce the risk of accidents. Riders should ensure their motorcycles are in good working conditions.

Obeying the law

Sometimes, a motorcycle accident victim may fail to get compensation if they break traffic laws. They should be sober and drive all the time safely.


A rider should go through training and acquire skills of operating a motorcycle before getting licensed. They will not drive their cars in public if not trained and licensed.

All these safety precautions do not prevent accidents but reduce the risks. Riders deserve full compensation if they adhere to all the safety rules.