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Five reasons to hire a personal injury attorney

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Uncategorized

A car crash can range from a minor accident to a life-altering incident. For example, a stop sign slow-speed fender bender isn’t often a reason to hire a personal injury attorney. Driving through a legal green light and getting side-swiped by a distracted or unsafe driver running a red light? That’s a blatant reason to hire a personal injury attorney and get what you deserve.

What are five reasons to consider hiring a personal injury attorney?

  1. You believe your injury is serious
  2. You believe that someone else caused your injury
  3. An insurance company is harassing you
  4. The insurance company is refusing to pay or trying to settle for an unfair amount
  5. You don’t fully understand the law and settlement process

You believe your injury is serious

 If your injury is minor and you have the time to deal with the insurance company, save your money and settle the claim on your own. If you have lingering pain that lasts for a while and requires medical treatment or if your injury results in hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, rehab, chiropractic work, cosmetic surgery or orthopedic care, contact a personal injury attorney.

You believe that someone else caused your injury

In instances like this, you may believe that that another’s negligence caused your injury or led to the death of your loved one. If this is the case, you want to strengthen your claim as much as possible by providing legal fault. This is where an attorney will come in handy.

An insurance company is harassing you

In a serious personal injury situation, don’t provide any verbal or documented information to these companies without first contacting an attorney. The insurance adjusters job is to either provide them the documentation or get you to say something that will weaken your case. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible as often as possible.

The insurance company refuses to pay or offers an unfair amount

Insurance company will allow you to pay them to cover you in case of an injury but will often play dirty to try to avoid paying injury claims. Some tactics deployed include a painfully slow claims process, payment refusal even though liability is not in dispute and making ridiculously low payout offers. If caught, these insurance companies can be held liable for their dirty tactics. Having a personal injury attorney will provide you a layer of protection against these actions.

You’re uncomfortable with the legal process

From statutory law to case law, there are a lot of legal ins and outs to know when securing the claim you deserve after your injury. Especially when dealing with an insurance company. Allow your attorney to sift through all the legal information and devise a plan to benefit you, while you do what’s needed to properly heal and move on with your life.


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