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Distractions due to infotainment can cause auto accidents

Distracted driving is a problematic issue in Florida. With new laws being implemented to make the roads safer by cracking down on the practice, any strategy to improve safety is initially welcomed. While distracted driving is often believed to be due to a driver using a cellphone, there are many ways to be distracted. Ironically, one – infotainment systems – have been installed in newer vehicles specifically so drivers will not be distracted.

Recent research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that infotainment systems are distracting drivers and older drivers are particularly affected. When there are auto accidents, this can be critical for those seeking compensation in lawsuit.

The study was conducted by AAA in combination with the University of Utah. It found that people age 55 and older had problems using the infotainment and took significantly more time to do so than their younger counterparts. In the tests, newer vehicles were used. They had the infotainment systems installed. Older drivers took as long as eight more seconds to use the systems than millennials when they made phone calls and used the navigation software. Drivers tended to alternate between looking at the system and the road, increasing distraction and making driving more dangerous.

According to previous research, looking away from the road for as few as two seconds can make an accident twice as likely. This goes beyond touchscreens as people who use voice commands can be similarly distracted. Drivers who are using these devices are advised to pull the vehicle over.

When there is an auto crash, there can be injuries with medical costs, long-term damage, lost wages and a drastically changed life. There can even be a fatality. Since distracted driving is so prevalent across the nation, it is important to remember that this goes beyond using a cellphone and extends to infotainment systems despite these being installed for greater convenience and safety. Knowing that distraction was a factor in auto accidents can be the key to a successful legal filing.