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Worries about E-scooter-auto accidents sparks Florida legislation

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Auto Accidents

Floridians and people across the U.S. have gotten caught up in the E-scooter craze. Enthusiasm about new and trendy items is not unusual, and using an E-scooter seems to be an enjoyable way to get from one place to another.

As with any advancement, there are inherent dangers that seem to be a step or two ahead of legislation and law enforcement. The danger of auto accidents involving E-scooters is garnering significant attention and those who have been injured or lost a loved either while riding one of these devices should think about how to recover compensation for all they have lost.

A new bill will try to make the roads safer for everyone. However, there are still fears that not enough is being done with E-scooters and the risks they pose.

Companies that rent E-scooters say that these vehicles are safe and the statistics show that auto accidents are far more common. With the new bill allowing scooters to be ridden in bike lanes, the goal is to enhance safety for everyone. Because Tampa is the first area that is taking these steps to find strategies to improve safety with E-scooters, other cities in Florida are keeping an eye on the results.

Like motorcycle riders, bicyclists and pedestrians, E-scooter riders are vulnerable to serious injuries and death if they are in a collision. Being in auto accidents is difficult enough when in a vehicle. When riding an E-scooter, it is more likely that there will be broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, cuts and other damage that will need medical attention and long-term care. People can suffer catastrophic injuries and death.

Legislators are trying to improve safety, but as the risk and solutions are assessed, it is nearly unavoidable that people will be injured while riding on an E-scooter or when hit by one. After an accident, having legal assistance is critical. A law firm experienced in all types of auto accidents can help with a case.


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