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Auto accidents from marijuana use concerning after study results

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Auto Accidents

Marijuana is a topic of discussion in Florida and across the nation. Many states have moved forward with decriminalization. Florida has not taken that step except in cases where it is used for medical purposes.

One concern with legalization is drivers who might get behind the wheel after using. As a recent survey from AAA shows, this is a legitimate fear with drivers readily admitting to driving within an hour after having used marijuana. Auto accidents due to a driver being under the influence can also happen after marijuana use and those who have been injured or lost a loved one should have assistance in pursuing a legal filing to be compensated.

Nearly 15 million people confessed to driving within an hour of using marijuana in the previous month. In addition, almost 70% believe that getting caught while high is an unlikely scenario. A spokesman for AAA says that drivers who are high while driving are putting people in jeopardy of a crash. Drivers are encouraged to avoid using marijuana and driving just as they are told it is risky to get behind the wheel after using other drugs or drinking alcohol.

The survey showed that 7% said they felt it was acceptable to drive after having used marijuana. This is significantly higher than those who find it acceptable to drive under the influence of alcohol at 1.6%, driving while drowsy at 1.7% and driving after using prescription drugs at 3%. As for demographics, almost 14% of millennials were likelier to admit to driving within an hour after using marijuana. Generation Z was next at 10%. Males came in at 8%. Females admitted to this behavior at 5%.

Marijuana use impairs many aspects of safe driving including judgment and reaction time. People remain impaired for between one and four hours after use. Drivers who are high on marijuana have as much as twice the chance of being in auto accidents. With these troubling numbers and the perception that marijuana use is not dangerous even if a person who is high is driving, it is a major possibility that auto accidents happened because of a high driver. A law firm that has experience in investigating and moving forward with a legal filing after auto accidents can help with pursuing a case.


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