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This is the best law firm in my opinion. They are trusting honest with grace. Paul Kimsey and his team has seen me throughout the pass 17years, and has always created the best for me. Without doubts they conquer to the highest level for all clients. They handle many levels of suits. So if you’re in need of a good law firm this is the Kimsey Law and is the perfect place.

This is a great law firm. Mr. Kimsey is very friendly and easy to talk to. They really help you with everything that you are going through. They give good advice and help make very stressful situations seem a little less tense. They really did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone who has a personal injury case. They will take care of you and give you personal service. You aren’t just a number at their office.

Mr. Kimsey and his group have done an excellent job for me. Their communications with me has been excellent. They could tell me exactly how things would happen. They are friendly, congenial and concise. It is a huge benefit having them in my corner. Thank you guys. Well done!

Cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about this firm! At a horrible time in my life, attorney Paul Kimsey completely took me every step of the way with encouragement and confidence. They are honest and actually communicate with their clients! All I can say is hire them. Do it now. You won’t regret it, they’re the best.

Great team. Paul and Charlene are awesome. He has helped me, my parents and my sister, at different times, win cases.

Geico is not giving me a fair shake — but I’m grateful Paul Kimsey took care of assembling my case while I was immediately recovering. Thank you.

Great experience with Paul and Charlene. Very helpful. Knowledgeable firm. I would definitely recommend to any family or friends who need a good attorney to represent them. Well-established firm that does what they say they promise, and work very fast and efficient to not waste anyone’s time or hard-earned money. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Mr. Kimsey has helped me recently to resolve an issue that I had with an insurance agency. Before our meeting with the insurance agency to resolve this issue, Mr. Kimsey took the time to explain the process to me in detail and was very pleasant, professional and helpful during our meeting. The issue was resolved, and I am happy that I had help from Mr. Kimsey. I would especially like to thank Tanya Przepis who was my main POC at Kimsey Law Firm, P.A., for an extended period of time. She was very responsive and answered all the many questions I had during the process. I would highly recommend this law firm.

Very helpful!!! They assisted me from beginning to end!

Paul helped me when my son was injured in a car accident. He received the medical care he needed, and his car was repaired all at no cost to me! I highly recommend this law firm!

I received the check today and wanted to let you know I appreciate your help. You and your staff not only expertly handled the case, but were friendly and kept me well informed at all stages. The insurance company’s denial of the claim still somewhat rankles me, but I feel very lucky that I was able to turn to your firm for assistance.

If ever a prospective client desires a recommendation from a prior one, feel free to give them my contact information.

Thanks again, Paul.

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