Age ranges key with distracted driving and risk of auto accidents

Distracted driving is an ongoing problem in Florida and across the nation. Although many states, including Florida, have taken steps to try and prevent it from happening and educated drivers as to the dangers, it is a behavior that is difficult to regulate and nearly impossible to stop.

Distractions due to infotainment can cause auto accidents

Distracted driving is a problematic issue in Florida. With new laws being implemented to make the roads safer by cracking down on the practice, any strategy to improve safety is initially welcomed. While distracted driving is often believed to be due to a driver using a cellphone, there are many ways to be distracted. Ironically, one - infotainment systems - have been installed in newer vehicles specifically so drivers will not be distracted.

Five reasons to hire a personal injury attorney

A car crash can range from a minor accident to a life-altering incident. For example, a stop sign slow-speed fender bender isn’t often a reason to hire a personal injury attorney. Driving through a legal green light and getting side-swiped by a distracted or unsafe driver running a red light? That’s a blatant reason to hire a personal injury attorney and get what you deserve.

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